June 11, 2012

Let The Good Times Roll

This weekend has been so much fun!
It's so great that Dan has Fridays and Saturdays off because usually even if he has a landscaping job and I work at the movie theater, we are able to take a little time and do something fun together.

On Friday, we both had the afternoon off so we were able to go with Brandon and Krystel to hike Kannarraville Falls (Finally! And with no broken legs this time!)
That hike is the most beautiful, challenging, fun, wet, scary, awesome hike I've been on and we had a blast hiking it!
I may have had a small moment of panic when coming down the log (for those of you who have hiked it) and I may not be the most coordinated when it comes to hiking over rocks through a stream but it was definitely worth it when we got to the rock slide at the top! SO. FUN.

After the hike I had to go to work at the theater BUT I got to work with awesome folks AND I even got an hour break so I got to go to Denny's with Dan, Steve, and Caleb.
That was fun.
The waitress was awesome and obliged Caleb's whipped cream obsession by giving him a full cup of the stuff along side his hot cocoa haha
He was in heaven...
On Saturday, I thought I was sleeping in but only because I forgot my mom and I had signed up to get bountiful baskets so....
I got a phone call asking if I forgot and I proceeded to frantically throw myself out of bed and call my mom and we then raced over to the pick up location!
We got the basket so no worries and boy, was it worth it! Yum!
After that, we had staff meeting in the morning for the theaters and it was great because I got to see all my friends that only work at Fids now.
Plus, they were passing out boxes of Shockers for free (Dan loves them!) AND I got picked as one of the four employees for Dream Team again!
I was excited! I may not have gotten employee of the month this time but I do get another movie poster and a free candy.

After staff meeting, Dan and I met up with Brandon and Krystel again and we headed down to St. George for a little date night at Fiesta Fun.
We got unlimited passes for everything so we spent about an hour on the go-karts (best part), rode the bumper boats and got soaked, and played miniature golf (I got 2nd behind Dan).
Then we finished the night out with dinner at Texas Road House. Mmmm!

Yesterday, I got to go to J.P.'s farewell (known the kid forever from his countless days at the pool)! He'll do so great!
Then we got to spend some of the day with Dan's family (his mom and the kids) plus a guy from St. George named Larry of whom Dan's mom recently met (Dan's parents are going through a divorce...).
We did dinner and it was fun! Larry seems like a pretty cool guy.
Before dinner though we went to pick up Caleb from Steve's and they were at North Elementary with Merrill and his two boys, Tyler and Trevor.
Dan was really cute with them and Caleb.
Play wrestling... it's a boy thing.

P.S. Forgive all the crappy phone pics... I forgot my camera.

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Nathan and Kristen said...

It was so good to see your cute face for a minute this weekend! We should definitely get together sometime! Glad your weekend was fun!