June 4, 2012


Yesterday was beautiful.
The sun was shining and our house was hot.
Dan went to morning meetings for elder's quorum and I did laundry.
When he got home, he finished up some things for his lesson while we listened to church tunes on Pandora and then I sat on his lap while he rocked me in one of our kitchen chairs.
It was the simplest moment but as we sat there and Dan held me close and kissed the top of my head, I was overwhelmed with feelings of love for him.
Sometimes I really take him for granted but I really am so blessed to have such a loving, hardworking husband.

It seems like whenever night hits, I become this completely different person.
My body is finally resting and my brain goes into overdrive.
All the worries I've ever had in my life come to mind, I get all clingy and want Dan to stay up with me all night discussing meaningless thoughts from my mind, I think of all the things I didn't get done during the day and all the things I have to do the next day, I worry about the future, etc. etc. ect.
It's exhausting and truly annoying for Dan.
I get weepy and feel picked on.
It's stupid.
So last night, after whining to Dan that he wasn't staying awake, I pulled out Dan's Kindle Fire and decided to read the scriptures.
I read in Mosiah, chapters 1 to 4.
I prayed about my needless worries and that all my bothers would be wiped from my mind so that I could sleep.
I prayed that I could change and I decided then and there to be better.
I'm going to try not to whine or let my mind race at night and keep my husband up till all hours.
I'm going to try to read my scriptures daily and build a better relationship with Dan and with my father in heaven.
And as I did that, I felt at peace.
I could finally sleep and I woke up feeling good.


Alyssa Kaylee said...

I completely understand that feeling. A lot of the time, when it gets a certain time of night, I just want to cry. And I think about everything that is going wrong and everything that could possibly go wrong. It's rough and super stressful!

I usually find that along with reading my scriptures, it helps to have a night-time routine. Thirty or so minutes before you want to go to bed, start winding down. Get in your jammies, brush your teeth, and read a book. Try not to eat anything in that time - it will keep you awake longer.

I hope that helps!

Lisa said...

You are such a darling! Loved this post!

Kaela said...

I'm trying to read the scriptures every day too. Some days Jack drives me crazy and I don't want to yell at him or anything. But if I do something spiritual during the day I'm nicer to Jack and Jeremy