June 25, 2010


Well, this week turned out quite a bit different than planned...
Monday-Natalie and Marissa would arrive. Natalie would go to Vegas with Bryan while Marissa partied with Steph and me. We'd go to FHE, Natalie would come home and we'd have a campout.
Tuesday-Dan would get here and we'd all go hike Kannarra Falls then spend the evening doing whatever
Wednesday-(My birthday) We'd all go to Sand Hollow Reservoir, cliff jump, tan, and have fun. We'd get back and I'd go to dinner with Dan and then come back to my house for a birthday celebration with friends at 8:30pm. Finish the night with an outdoor movie on a projector in my backyard.
Thursday-Natalie and Marissa would head home and I'd spend the day with Dan until he left to go back home.
INSTEAD...Monday started the week off good. We were all set with the plans and things were going good. We made hats, went to FHE, and had a campout. Dan even drove down early and got there late on Monday night so I could see him earlier on Tuesday and we could head out to the hike.Tuesday morning we get ready after our camp out and head to Bryan's to pick up Dan and Bryan and head out to Kannarraville for the hike. We make it to the hike and after parking the car, we start out on the hike. We get about 5 minutes in and we get to a small stream going across the path. Bryan walks through and Dan thinks he could jump across if he goes down stream a little to where the stream is narrower. So Dan jumps across the stream and lands on the other side when we hear a loud snapping sound similar to a tree branch breaking. We look over at Dan and he sat down, looks at Bryan and says "It broke." Bryan said, "What broke?" And that's when we realize it's his leg. So Bryan carries Dan across the stream back to where we all are and has to set him down because Dan's leg from about the middle of his shin was dangling when it wasn't supposed to and he was bleeding. So Dan laid his head on my legs while Natalie and Marissa ran back to the car to call 9-1-1 and Bryan and Steph went to look for sticks they could splint his leg with. About 30 minutes later, help arrived and Dan was taken to the hospital in the ambulance. After that, we spent two days in the hospital. Come to find out, he had broken his leg in 6 pieces and a rod had to be put in his leg to stabilize the bone and correct the break so he had to have surgery and an overnight stay in the hospital.Even though nothing turned out quite the way I planned with this week, I still was able to have fun seeing my friends and boyfriend and enjoy celebrating my 21st birthday.I was able to have a birthday breakfast at the Market Grill with Natalie, Steph, and Marissa on Wednesday before going to see Dan at the hospital and it was so good! I had scrambled eggs, biscuits and gravy, and sausage. It was way good! Then I got to spend all day with Dan and when he got out of the hospital and went to his stay at his Aunt Amy's house, we were even able to still have dinner before going over to my house. It was good. Dan's close family friend, Tracy, cooked dinner for us. She was so wonderful. She came to the hospital and acted pretty much like Dan's mom until his mom could get there the next day and she is really cool. Dinner was great! After dinner, Dan still came over for cake and ice cream at my house for a bit. I was way happy he came. He couldn't stay too long because his leg was killing him but I was happy he got to come and meet my family. A few friends came to my house to celebrate my birthday! It was so fun! Carly and Joe, Amber and Dan, Roman, Amelia, Miranda, Bryan, Natalie, and Marissa were all there. Plus all my family. And Dan's mom even came. I blew out candles, we talked, and then we watched Gone In 60 Seconds on our projector outside. It was so fun!Today was a good day, too. My mom made waffles for breakfast (so yummy), Natalie bought us ice cream, and I spent pretty much the entire day with Dan. Also, my Grandma Barclay came down with some of her friends so they took us all to dinner at the Pizza Factory and Dan came. It was very delicious and I had fun laughing and talking with my family. After dinner we came back and watched movies and Bryan joined us when he got off work. The only sad parts of the day involved saying goodbye to Natalie and Marissa so they could go back to Heber for work and saying goodbye to Dan because he's leaving tomorrow. I'm going to miss them all so much. I don't think I'll be able to see Natalie again until school starts but hopefully I get to see Dan again way soon!
So sometimes...it's ok that life doesn't live up to your expectations because even through all the bad stuff, their is still good stuff you can find and get from the experience. Who knows, it might have even turned out a little better than you thought it would. :)

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