June 13, 2012


I had a dream last night that I was shopping with my mom and sister, Stephanie, in the most gorgeous clothing and shoes store.
All I really remember about it is that there was the cutest red heels there that I really wanted but couldn't quite get to fit and that Steph kept trying to try on the same pair and I kept saying "Well, if you are getting those, then I just can't so take them off!"
The dream was also mixed with scenes from Charmed where I had magical powers and the ability to kick some a--. I attribute this to the fact that I've recently watched quite a bit of this show on Netflix. Shows from the late 90's and early 2000's were awesome haha
Needless to say, the dream was interesting...

In other news, today, I'm listening to shuffle on my pandora station that ranges from Imogen Heap (yes!) to Four Year Strong (Yes!). It's an extensive list involving about 44 different artists. Glorious!

I'm busy selling tickets for the Summer Games Opening Ceremonies today and then it's house cleaning time, cookie baking time, lawn watering time, Liz and Dan time, and mom's birthday cake celebration time! Happy birthday, Mom!

Speaking of birthdays... I can't believe my birthday is in a week! I seriously almost forgot about it this year.
So far, I have zero plans. Dan just got moved from 3rd counselor in Elder's Quorum to 2nd counselor so he'll be helping plan and carry out the 'Chip and Put' our ward men are holding on that day but that's in the morning so... who knows? Maybe the afternoon and evening we'll some grand birthday plans.
I've got to have some sort of plan seeings how this is my "golden year" - 23 years old on the 23rd. You know.

Anyone have any ideas?

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The Jackson's said...

Funny about the dream. I dream like that too after I watch shows, namely Psych. Anyway, Happy Birthday in a week! You should go to lunch with your mom and sisters to Pastry Pub! Have Fun!!