May 14, 2012


Saturday morning I went to staff meeting at the movie theater.
We discussed work stuff and how to be more efficient at cleaning theaters, running concessions, and crowd control.
My group won the fastest cleaning theaters time (1 min and 46 sec -- Boo ya!)...
Then it was time to announce "the dream team" for employee of the month.
The managers watch people throughout the month that they think would be good candidates and then 4 are chosen and everyone votes on who they think should be employee of the month.
My name was called for dream team and I was excited! I'd been working way hard in my first month at the theater.
So then came the time to vote...
I never thought I'd be chosen for employee of the month. Out of the other 3 chosen for dream team, I was the newest employee!
But then the verdict was in and I got it!
Say "hello" to the Westates Theaters Employee of the Month!
I got a bunch of cool stuff including a movie poster of my choice, a banner of my choice, a $20 gift certificate to Sonny Boy's BBQ, a gift certificate to Winger's for free appetizer or dessert, 5 hours added to my paycheck that I don't have to work, 4 candies of my choice either while I'm working or when I come to a movie, 2 movie tickets, and a promotional something or other from one of the movies!

Saturday was looking to be a good day!

When I got home, Dan and I got ready to head to St. George with my Grandpa Smith for my cousin, Stephen's wedding.
Dan talked welding techniques with my grandpa the whole way down so I slept a bit (haha).
They had the wedding at the Entrada at Snow Canyon Country Club and it was so beautiful!
The ceremony was really nice and Stephen and Ashlee looked amazing and so happy.
It was a beautiful day.

After the wedding, we stopped at Maverick to get some treats (Grandpa picked out some chips called Chaos. Pronounced 'Kay-Os' but he pronounced it 'Chay-Ose' haha...we didn't even correct him) and headed home. My grandpa was really funny and told us stories the whole way home haha.
Story: One time when he was working for the BLM, my grandpa had to take some bulldozer or some other "yellow iron" and knock down some trees to put up fencing or something. Well, this tree-hugger lady who also worked there was totally opposed to that and was being whiny (my words, not his haha) about it. So my grandpa said, "Have you ever driven one of these things?" The lady said she hadn't and never would because it would hurt the environment. My grandpa told her she ought to just try it out and that it was really fun. So the lady got on and my grandpa taught her how to drive it and so forth... after moving some rocks and knocking down some trees, she decided it was really fun and wanted to keep doing it! My grandpa said he was happy to know he'd converted her. haha

When we got home, we headed out behind the golf course to have a bonfire with some friends and some of our siblings.
We burned 30 pallets (because Dan had to take apart some shelves for The Home Depot the day before) and that kept the fire going for about 3 hours.
We roasted some hot dogs and marshmallows and just hung out.
It was fun!

Yesterday was Mother's Day.
It was a good day!
I was sound asleep around 9am, when I heard someone moving around in our room.
I rolled over, rubbed my eyes, and saw that my wonderful husband had got me a dozen roses and another bouquet of beautiful flowers, a card, and breakfast-in-bed!
He told me that it was all for Mother's Day for me because I am the future mother of our children and I take such good care of him like a mother does haha I thought it was the sweetest thing!
He really loves me ♥ and I love knowing that

At church, we got to hear my dad give a talk and it was really great!
Dan's family came to sacrament meeting again and it was so fun sitting with them.
After all our meetings, we gathered up the gifts for our moms and ran around for the visits.
First we went to lunch with Dan's family because his brother, Ryan, was passing through town on a business trip for Domino's.
It was so fun to see Ryan and I'm glad Candace got see him on Mother's Day!
Then we headed over to my family's to visit my wonderful mom (I really got lucky with her!).
We chatted and laughed with all of them until about 7pm and then we went over to Dan's family's house.
We had hamburgers with them and then watched a movie (Sling Blade. It was interesting haha).

We sure do love both our moms! ♥

Bryan and Mickel invited us next door to play their Xbox Kinect when we got home.
It was a blast!
We did Zumba Fitness and got our hearts pumping, then played this Adventurers game.
We gotta get us that Zumba game!

After the day was finally through and we were laying in bed, Dan and I had "pillow-talk" for about an hour.
We talked about our futures; the family we plan to have, the families we have and love, the moves we plan to do, and just our lives together.
It was really wonderful to think about all that with Dan. To discuss our worries, our concerns, our excitement, our hopes, and our dreams was really great.
I know that no matter where life takes us or what happens, we will figure it all out together and I love that.

What a great weekend!


Nathan and Kristen said...

a)I LOVE the Entrada! We stayed their on our wedding night and it was beautiful

b)congrats on Employee of the month! Go you! Sounds like you made out with some fun stuff!

c) Pillow talk is my favorite. Those are the best kinds of talks!

d) You two are so cute together! I love how you are always doing something fun. We need to take note and become more adventurous like you guys!

Melissa said...

oh! i loved this post. dan is such a sweetheart! and congrats on getting employee of the month! the benefits for that sound like the greatest - sheesh!