Our Love Story ♥

   People are always asking us "how we met" and, well, I can't really answer that. I "met" Dan on MANY occasions over the years because we grew up in the same town and went to all the same schools. I knew who he was but we were never friends and I was sure he'd never given me a second thought in school (even though he swears he had a crush on me on 'this one choir trip we went on' our junior year). Dan moved to Nevada during our junior year of high school so we never even really talked (except maybe this one time at my friend, Bryan's, mission farewell bonfire in 2008).

   So I guess our "official meeting" occured on May 14, 2010. My friend, Bryan (from the bonfire), had just gotten back from a mission, was (at the time) dating my best friend who had moved back home for the summer, and invited me to go to a movie with him and his friend, Dan, who was visiting from Wyoming (where his family was living). He informed me that I knew Dan from HS so I knew who he was. I decided to go to the movie, I sat in between the two boys during the movie, and when they took me home, Dan asked for my phone number.
   Before I had even gotten in the door, Dan had sent me a text asking if I'd like to go on a double date with him and his brother and sister-in-law the next night. We were going to go to the carnival that was in town. I was excited! I thought it would be fun. He was a really cute, nice guy and I didn't have to worry about it going anywhere because he was headed back to Wyoming on Sunday (boy, was I wrong about that).
   I had a blast with him at the carnival, laughing our heads off and talking! I felt so comfortable around him and I loved having his arm around me ;) After that night he headed back to Wyoming and from then on it was a summer full of daily three hour phone calls, loads of text messages, many trips back and forth between Wyoming and Utah (on his part and on mine), and my first kiss (yes, my husband was my first kiss and I'm happy about that).

   At the end of July, I went up to visit him and his family in Wyoming and then he spent the weekend with my family in Salt Lake. When I took him back to Wyoming he told me he was going to move to Utah sometime in August. I was ecstatic! No more long distance dating; I could be with him every day if I wanted to!

   So Dan moved down on August 9, 2010, and we were together pretty much every day from then on. He took me on a walk up the canyon trail a few weeks later and he told me he loved me. Best day! I'd been wanting to say it to him for what felt like forever! Then a few days after that he started talking to me about marriage... things were moving fast and going great! At first, I was a little nervous to be talking about the "M-word" but, really, I knew he was the one. And I had known it all along. He is my better half.

  On October 22, 2010, Dan asked me to marry him (you can read all about it HERE) and I said YES! We set our date for January and proceeded to go show ALL our friends and family my ring. At 12:30am. (Hey, we didn't care what time it was. We were excited)

   We were married and sealed for time and all eternity in the St. George, Utah LDS Temple on January 15, 2011 (you can read all about that HERE and HERE) and we have HONESTLY lived happily ever after since then. I fall in love with him more and more every day ♥

AND that's us.

   I'm Liz, the handsome hubby is Dan, and this is my blog about our lives, food, books, family, and other random stuff. Sometimes it's funny, sometimes it's not but it's real and totally awesome. So read on and enjoy! I'm glad you're here.