February 12, 2015


Today I babysat our friends' foster daughter when she got out of school. She attends a dual-immersion school where the students learn in Spanish and English, so today, I got the privilege of reading with her in not only English, but Spanish as well. And then... she drew me pictures while we all watched Barbie The Pearl Princess.

Basically, if you were to stop by on any given day, you'd hear replays of Tangled or some Barbie movie because, hey, the girls love it! And we're talking eyes-glued-to-the-screen kind of loving.

Tangled has quickly become Aurora's favorite movie and I'm okay with that! If I have to listen to songs over and over and over and... well, over again, I guess I'm alright with it being those songs. When she was sick, all she wanted to do was have me hold her and snuggle her, so we watched it quite a bit. And now, it's just the favorite. What can you do?

But back to business! We were talking about me babysitting our friends' little girl... Isn't she just about the best artist you've ever seen at 6 years old?? haha Let's take a moment to talk about this masterpiece she drew:

Genius! First of all, let's all appreciate the fact that I'm taller than Dan... or is it just my hair? Then take a moment to awe at our puckered lips. haha I love it. I absolutely love it!

Seriously, I will cherish any drawing given to me by a child forever, because they are just fun! Kids have a way of capturing their thoughts, feelings, and the world around them through what they draw in a way that no one else could. It's awesome!

We sure love having that little artist come over to our house. Some days she can be a bit loud and a bit hyper and a bit physically draining (that girl has some energy!), but every day, she makes my Aurora laugh and light up a room like only a good friend could! Yay for friends! I hope Aurora has a million more that make her happy like that.

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