February 11, 2015

This Sucks!

Question of the day is: How excited can one possibly be over the purchase of a NEW vacuum for cheap?

And the answer for you: PRETTY FREAKING EXCITED!

Reason being that my vacuum broke before our last move and I have been having to borrow anyone and everyone's vacuums or face the day having nasty floors from having a very mobile, food carrier and mess maker at my house (aka Aurora, not Dan, for those wondering).

So today, before Dan headed to work, he said he'd seen a that a woman was selling a vacuum on the St. George Yard Sale page on Facebook and he told her he wanted it. He then gave me the address of the woman and asked if I'd pick it up!
Uhm, hello!
Of course I'll pick it up!
I've been needing/wanting a vacuum since forever!

It was just up the street from me so I jumped in the car with Aurora and we headed that way. When we got there, I discovered that the vacuum was brand new and had never even been opened! Bonus!

So the good news around here for today is that I get to clean the crap out of my house and show my carpet some love. And if you're concerned that that will be a really boring and horrible day, stop it right now! I love having a clean house. Love it!

Thank you to Dan for letting me purchase said vacuum, and thank you to FB for having city yard sale group pages! It's the little things.

Oh, and P.S. Yes, I did a photo shoot of myself holding the vacuum, and yes, I used my tripod I got for Christmas to do it. Enjoy it! That tripod thing works pretty grand!

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