November 14, 2014


Today, I'm thankful for promptings. That being said, I wish I followed them all the time. haha

I just need to learn that when I do, good things happen. Always.

Prompting #1: (the one I did follow!)

Wednesday night, Collette and her boyfriend, Kurtis, came down to St. George and Dan and I met them over at the temple to do some sealings for family names that my Grandpa found.
It was wonderful!

When we were leaving the temple, I had a prompting to put some names on the prayer role so they could be prayed for by many members of the church in the temple.
I had no idea why I needed to write their names down but did anyway.

The very next day, I was reminded why as it was the anniversary of the death of their young son. Obviously, they were being watched over and the Lord knew they needed that extra strength that day.

I'm SO glad I followed that prompting!

Prompting #2: (the one I didn't follow and now regret..)

Last night, Dan called me from work and said that his brothers had invited him to Cedar to do a "guy's night" for his birthday next week since they wouldn't see him. He asked if I'd like to come so I could visit his family and mine.

I had been feeling so exhausted all day and was still in my pajamas when he called (at 5pm...haha) and Aurora was being tired and grumpy and I just wasn't feeling up to it
I told him he could just go up alone since it'd just be for a few hours that night and then he was coming back to St. George to work on a truck with our friend, Shaun, all day today.

He said that would be fine, so we hung up and I packed him a bag so he could come home, grab it, and be on his way.

While I was packing, I had an overwhelming feeling that I needed to just quit being lazy and go with him! I debated it and even got out a suitcase to pack Aurora and myself some things we'd need.
But then I talked myself out of it again and then Aurora started crying and that sealed the deal.
I wasn't going.

When Dan got home to get his stuff, I started crying and said that I just felt like I needed to go and didn't know why, but that I just really needed to stay home. He asked if he needed to stay with me and told me it was my decision.
I still decided to stay home but prayed that everything would be alright since I was feeling so weird.

Well, I soon found out why I should've gone.
My night was horrible. Horrible and boring.

Aurora was sleeping,
I was alone,
my house was messy and stinky,
my "relaxing" bath was cold,
I couldn't fall asleep until around 3am,
everything on tv was a re-run,
and I had no brain energy to read my book I'd planned on reading.

The only good thing was that I created a blog for my sister's mission! (check it out ----> HERE)

THEN this morning, I asked Dan when he was coming back and come to find out, Shaun is sick so Dan doesn't need to be back to work on the truck AND it's one of his rare days off...
SO if I'd have gone with him, we could've spent the day in Cedar visiting some family AND his parents would've taken us out to dinner for Dan's birthday.


And, just my luck... I'm feeling completely great today.

So, although it wasn't anything life changing that I was being prompted to do, not following it has caused me to really miss out.

I miss my hubby.

Guess I'll clean my stinky, messy house now.

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