November 10, 2014

'Bout Time

Good grief. First of all, let me say that (once again) I apologize for the lack of posts. AND lack of anything noteworthy or interesting being posted. haha Seriously though.

I have been slacking. I've just had no motivation to blog. Well, actually, I've had no motivation to finish my posts. I swear, I always have something come up in the middle of starting a post and I end up saving it as a draft and then I never get around to finishing it.

And today that has to stop!

I have SO much to catch everyone up on. It's ridiculous.

Maybe I'd better just make this post an informative catch-up post with bullet points and then promise to post regularly. I mean, it IS a Monday so that's prime weekly goal setting time, right?

  • October 8
My sister, Stephanie, had a baby girl! I don't even think I told you guys that she was expecting! What the heck?! 

Anyway, she had the cutest little girl and she named her Grace Ella Barclay. Ella after my Grandma Dorothella and Grace is just fitting. They are living with my mom and dad so it's fun to see and hold baby Gracie from time to time when we see the family!

I forgot how small brand new babies are! Aurora is HUGE now! haha

Which reminds me! My sister, Becca and her hubby, Alex, are expecting a baby boy in February! They live in Salt Lake right now for work but I'm glad they'll be moving back in time for their baby to be born! I can't wait to have another nephew!

  • October 16 and 17
Dan and I took our first overnight trip without Aurora! We went to Vegas for meetings with Port of Subs and left her with Dan's brother, Cody and his wife, Laura.

The trip was... interesting! haha It was awesome to be there with Dan alone but let's just say the trip had it's fair share of highs and lows! 

-Port of Subs corporate people took us all out to dinner at the hotel we stayed in (The Orleans). It was freaking amazing and our first ever truly "fancy" dinner. Dan had lamb and I had a trio plate with scallops, fillet mignon, and shrimp! 
-Midnight $1 bowling in our hotel! We found out that apparently that is the place to be at midnight. Lots of fun.
-Winning $100 dollars after putting $5 in a slot machine and not having a clue what we were doing. haha If you would have seen us after that win, you'd have thought we won the jackpot! High-fives and hugging galore!
-Dan winning tickets to The Rock of Ages show at The Venetian during our business meeting

-Dan's phone breaking on the way to Vegas and then mine breaking the very next morning. Still in Vegas. Thus having to get new phones and a new phone plan/company PLUS spending a total of 5 hours doing it, because we learned the hard way that cheaper is not always better. "Hello again, Verizon Wireless!"
-Dan was feeling sick the whole trip
-We almost missed dinner at the hotel because I went to the bathroom and took too long haha
-Getting separated and lost in The Venetian/Palazzo trying to get tickets in time for The Rock of Ages show

Phew! But all in all we're glad we went!

  • October 18
Cody and Laura got into an apartment and moved out of ours! Don't get me wrong, we loved having them here but we are SO excited for them to have their own place and experience living life as newly weds, relying on each other. 

Their new place is really cute! AND not too much money $$ AND pretty close to us!

  • October 19
My sister, Collette, got her mission call to Louisiana Baton Rouge! Dan and I couldn't make it to Cedar for the call opening so they video chatted us in on Google Hangouts on our phones! It was fun. And we're SO excited for her! She leaves December 3rd!

  • October 22 
Aurora had her 9 month check-up (better late than never, right??) and we got her a new doctor here in St. George! She sees Dr. Karl McMullin at Dixie Pediatrics. 

Let me tell you... you know you've found a good doctor when you leave feeling like you adore the man and your child leaves happy.

  • October 25
Kara invited Aurora and I to go to The What Women Want Expo at the Dixie Center. There was a lot of cool booths and yummy samples! We got some pretty rings and new sheets for our beds! haha

Then we met up with the boys at their Kara and Shaun's to carve pumpkins and have Pumpkin Chili (so freaking delicious!). It was Aurora's first time carving pumpkins and we had so much fun! She loved it!

  • October 27
Kara and I took her cute little foster girl and Aurora to a Fall Festival for families and kids over at the Tonaquint Nature Park. They had a fortune teller, face painting, games, crafts, and popcorn all for free and it was a blast! Aurora even got her face painted for the first time!

...She hated it. haha

  • October 30 to November 1
Dan and I went over to Mike and Bobbi's on the 30th to celebrate Bobbi's birthday with Kara and Shaun. We had cupcakes from the Sweet Tooth Fairy and played games. We're lucky to have such good friends here in St. George!

Right after the party, we took Aurora and drove to Cedar so we could be there for Halloween with my family. We got there at 12:30am and then woke up at 9am on the 31st. 

That day had to have been the longest day of our lives but it was also really nice to see our family and have some fun. Dan took part of the day to visit his dad, mom, brothers, and step-dad while I got to spend some much needed quality time with my mom. 

Then Erin and I took Aurora trick-or-treating around my parents' neighborhood. Erin dressed as Captain America, I dressed as my dad (haha), and Aurora dressed as a cute little chick. 

We then had chili and cornbread for dinner and played games! And visited my Grandpa Smith! 

Then we spent a short night there and left at 5am to head back to St. George so Dan could get to work!

  • November 8
Dan and I were able to meet up with my Grandma Barclay, my mom and dad, Collette, my Grandpa Smith, and Collette's boyfriend, Kurtis and his mom, dad, and brother, to go through the temple with Collette for her endowments! Erin babysat Aurora for us and it was so wonderful to be in the temple that day. It was fun to see Collette receive those blessings and to stand with her in the temple. I can't wait to see my other sisters go through some day!

After the session, we all ate lunch at Chuck-a-rama and then said goodbye!

That night we had our first employee meeting for Port of Subs that Dan was in charge of and it went SO well! I told Dan that he never ceases to impress me when I get to see him work. I'm so proud of my hubby!

  • November 9
Dan's mom text us and said she'd pay for our gas if we'd come to Cedar for the away we went! We played games and chatted while we had pizza for dinner. It was a blast to see them all!

And, well, that brings us to today. 

Dan is at work, Aurora is napping, and I'm blogging. Life is good and I'm excited for what the week will bring!

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