October 7, 2014

Library Tuesdays

There is basically no better feeling than having a new library card in your wallet.

Well, ok... actually, I can name a few things that feel better.

But, honestly, having a new library card is a small ray of sunshine that brightens the day.

Last week, I took Aurora over to the St. George branch of the library over by the Tabernacle and I left with a new library card, 7 books and 3 movies for Aurora, plus 2 books for me! Win! Win!

Aurora is loving reading the library books with us. She will sit still on anyone's lap and just listen to you read for a good while. It is so fun! 

And then last night... at 11:55pm... I decided to finish reading one of my books.

Oh. My. Heck. Books are my weakness, I tell you!

But it was well worth it to finish, because it was a really good book! AND it was right up the alley with the shows that seem to be coming on National Geographic lately about people living in the forest "wilds".

The book was called Alabama Moon by Watt Key.

For as long as ten-year-old Moon can remember, he has lived in the forest in a shelter with his father. When his father dies, Moon follows his dad's last instructions-to find others like himself.

The book had me laughing and crying. I couldn't put it down. Go read it!

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