October 4, 2014

Baby Food

When your baby no longer wants a bottle for her main source of food anymore, that can be an exciting thing! It's fun to feed them "real" foods and it's even more fun to see their reactions!

BUT things really start to get interesting when they add crawling/walking into the mix!

Here's where both become REALLY fun:

1) When it doesn't matter what you give them to eat because... if you are eating, then your food automatically becomes 10X better than anything they have (even if it is the exact same thing)

2) When you feeding them anything by spoon quickly becomes boring, and a meal you once thought of as mess-free, becomes VERY messy (and cute... most of the time haha)

3) When they stuff their mouth FULL of whatever you feed them/have them feed themselves and then they begin crawling around. Next comes choking and a totally bewildered expression from the baby when they can't connect crawling and food with choking.

4) When they crawl to eat things off the floor... anything works for this, really... lint, gravel, wrappers, carpet pieces, crumbs from who-knows-what...

Oh, babies are silly.

And even though mine just got over having a small cry fit because she choked on avocado while crawling so I took it away...

I wouldn't trade my silly, cute baby for anything!

I love being a mom ♥ Every day is an adventure

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