June 26, 2014

Mad Hatter

Apparently, not very many people who live at my address love sweet and sour chicken for dinner.

And when I say "not very many", I mean I'm the only one who likes it.
Just me.
Everyone else tolerates it.

The good news? Leftovers. For me. For days. haha

Moving on.

This morning when I was feeding Aurora, Kaela text me to see if I'd want to go walking. I was really tired and lacked motivation so I debated saying no... but I'm glad I didn't!

We got ready and left our houses around 9:30am heading to the library.
I returned some books (after... oh... two months haha) and then sat on a chair in the children's section and read books to Harlie and then to Aurora. I could sit in there forever doing that! I love reading so I hope Aurora will, too.

Then we went to the park right next to the library and let Jack and Harlie play.
While Kaela and I sat watching them and playing with Aurora, we noticed that there were people at the pavilion giving out free lunches to kids so we looked it up and realized that Cedar has a free lunch program for kids up to age 18.
So we packed up the young'ns and got ourselves some free lunch!
Adults can buy a lunch so they can eat with their kids so we got one too.
Apparently this is something they do at the Main Street Park Monday-Friday from 11:30am to 1:00pm. Pretty sweet.

After that we decided to take the Canyon Trail through the other park to get back home.

I love love LOVE Cedar's parks! They are truly beautiful.

Around 4pm, Kaela and I left the kids with Jeremy and Dan and went to our soon-to-be sister-in-law, Laura's bridal shower at the Heritage Center.
It was a Mad Hatter theme (from Alice in Wonderland) so the tables were decorated with cute tea pots and everyone wore their craziest hat.

Also, I tried peppermint herbal tea for the first time ever!
Like, with a tea bag and everything! IN an actual tea cup with a saucer.
I felt very fancy.
BUT I did have to add a ton of sugar to like it. Also, I didn't like it hot.

Haha one gift that Laura got was some baking stuff.
Attached to a baking mix of some sort there was a note that said, "For when you DON'T want to be dessert." 
Then as Laura dug deeper into the gift bundle, there was a thong with another note attached that said, "And for when you DO."
We thought it was a clever "spicy" gift. haha

**I will add pictures of the shower later. My stupid phone died so I'll have to wait for Grandma Rigby to put them on Facebook**

ALSO!! My mom may have fed Aurora ice cream last night. Yup. She loved it.

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