June 30, 2014

Lucky 7

Summertime usually means vacation time, and vacation time usually means family reunion time.
And that was indeed what happened this weekend when Dan, Aurora, and I took some time vacationing for the Leany Family Reunion.
We had an absolute blast!

The Leany family is Dan's Grandma Rigby's family and the reunion took place at The Lucky 7 Ranch (Walter Ranch) in Hatch, Utah.

Friday morning Dan's family and Grandma Rigby all met over at our house and around 2pm we were all caravaning over the mountain to meet up with everyone else.

From the moment we arrived at the ranch, it was a weekend of non-stop fun, activities, chatting, and food with all the wonderful Leany's. It really seemed like there was never a dull moment and we loved it!

Some activities included:
♥ Fish pond for the kids (where almost everyone caught a bug catcher... including Aurora so we used hers to catch an incredibly oversized stink bug with cute cousin, Brooklyn)
♥ Horseback riding and looking at the huge cows (Aurora's first time seeing cows!)
♥ Swinging
♥ Games
♥ Playing pool
♥ Playing with the cousins (Aurora loved all the attention she was getting from all the little ones that were just a bit older than her and they all loved the "baby")
♥ Chili cook-off
♥ Coloring with chalk
♥ Train rides for the kids
♥ Learning about the Milky Way and seeing some really cool time-lapse videos of the night sky at the Astronomy Festival at Bryce Canyon
♥ A fun scavenger hunt put on by Aunt Sandra where we got to learn some cool facts about Grandma and Grandpa Leany (this was lots of walking... but thanks to Jack, I got to hop on the fourwheeler with cousin, Michelle and the kids on the way back haha)
♥ Rope swings, zip lines, and swimming at the family pond up Proctor Canyon + a bit of watermelon eating and a very packed car ride back to the ranch
♥ Giant slip and slide at the ranch after swimming
♥ Watching the hot air balloons at the Balloon Festival in Panguitch (where Dan and his dad realized that not only were they wearing the same family reunion shirt, but they were wearing the same shorts, too! haha AND we got to meet up with one of my best friends, Natalie, and her boyfriend, Nicholas, since they were there for his 15 year HS reunion for Panguitch High School. Aurora loved having her dad hold her up to watch the balloons be fired up!)
♥ Going to sacrament meeting at the Hatch Ward on Sunday before heading home

Can we go back??

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Melissa said...

k those are all such fun pics!!! love them! that reunion looked like a freaking blast! also, that pic of you feeding aurora and she is sliding off your lap is the funniest thing i have ever seen!