June 23, 2014

Birthday Highlights

Today I turned 25! A quarter of a century old... and it was a fantastic day!

Here's the highlights:

One||Aurora let me sleep in and then we had a dance party to N'sync

Two||When Dan got off work, he surprised me with a gift! A fancy, new straightener (my old one was held together by tape...), two Toblerones (yum!), and the sweetest, most thoughtful card

He was cute. He said, "You wouldn't tell me what you wanted [I didn't know], so I got you something I knew you needed plus some candy I knew you loved."

Uhm... hello! Those are the best kind of gifts!
Besides, that new straightener works like a gem!
AND Aurora loved playing with the tissue paper. New favorite toy? Yes.

Three||THEN Becca picked up Aurora so Dan could take me out for some alone time.

Four||Alone time part 1: Taking me to get a pedicure at a nail salon!

I've been wanting to get one for forever (I've never had one before)
and it felt great
and my toes look cute
and the chair was a massage chair.

*sigh* Relaxing!

Five||Alone time part 2: Going to see Maleficent at the movie theater!

I've been wanting to see it for forever
and Dan and I both loved it
and we got a reward from our Rewards Card to use for next time (One regular movie ticket for $1)
and we got "The Mega Deal" including a tub of popcorn and two large drinks... Yup, then we got to laugh over the fact that Dan, Mr. Salt-Lover, added WAY too much salt to the popcorn haha

Six||A surprise visit from my best cousin/friend, Melissa!

She called me earlier in the day to wish me a Happy Birthday and then said she was going to come down to see me for my birthday since she was off work until 3:30pm the next day!

It was so SO great to see her! She hung out with us the rest of the night and then slept over. I just love that girl!

Seven||Making Dorito Taco Salads and two birthday cakes (which turned out to be not-that-awesome) then eating them and playing games with Jeremy, Kaela, Jack, Harlie, Cody, Laura, Melissa, Ryan, and Dan.

Funny thing was, Dan, Melissa, and I had decided to make dinner and thought we'd invite Kaela over since Jeremy was at work.
Then Cody and Laura called Kaela to see if they could come over so she invited them over.
Then Jeremy got off early... sooooo...
Our dinner for four people turned into a dinner for eight people haha

It was fun though, AND they sang to me and Jack blew out my birthday candles, so that spur of the moment thing worked great!

Eight||The many people who sang to me by phone or in person!

I woke up to a voicemail singing from my mom and dad
Erin and Cole called me and sang
Steph text me to wish me happy birthday
Becca babysat for us and wished me happy birthday
My Grandma Barclay called me
My best friend, Natalie, called me and we talked for an hour!
And I got many more texts and Facebook wishes from friends, family, and my ward!

I am loved ♥

Nine||The wonderful gifts and cards I got from Dan's parents and Grandma and Grandpa Rigby!

They know how to make me feel loved AND Dan's mom keeps me looking sexy with a good supply of Mary Kay makeup haha Seriously though!

Ten||Being blessed with beautiful weather and a beautiful attitude about the world all day!

Honestly, I don't think anything could've brought me down! Life is seriously great!

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