July 1, 2014


So... we've become soccer people.
Jeremy and Kaela got us into watching the world cup and following USA's games.

Then they had to go and get themselves out of the runnings by losing to Belgium! Curses!

BUT the game was a good one. AND we watched it with this little cutie!

Also, tonight, we went over to my parents' house to have tacos (for Taco Tuesday, of course!) and play games.
We introduced them to Sequence and Boxers or Briefs.
Check those games out if you haven't played them!
They're fun and Boxers or Briefs is lots of laughs.

And then Aurora tried watermelon.
Well, mostly the rind and a bit that was left on it... but she loved it!
In fact, she cried everytime I tried to take it away! haha

P.S. Don't judge the fact that she's wearing a giant t-shirt... How am I suppose to know she's going to choose the ONE time I don't bring her an outfit change to explode out her diaper?!?

Oh! Oh! Oh!
I finally beat 2048!
That's right!
And I guess I'll give that credit to Dan and his brothers for their time spent coaching me on Monday night while we ate dessert at Dan's mom's house.
Thanks, guys!
I feel such a sense of accomplishment haha but seriously.

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