June 22, 2014

Taking Stock// 2

Taking Stock//
Making: A mental list of all the things I need to do this week (fyi: it's a long one) 
Cooking: Lately, a whole slew of new recipes! Today's adventure? Cream Cheese Wontons (get the recipe here ==> recipe
Drinking: I recently finished off an entire 2 liter of Shasta Tiki Punch. Alone. Because, why not?
Reading: I'm ashamed to say, I have yet to finish The Red Pyramid by Rick Riordan...
Wanting: Adventure!
Looking: and feeling great. It's amazing what a new tube of mascara can do for a girl! haha
Playing: the piano. Just kidding. I wish I could play the piano... instead I play stupid Facebook hidden object crime scene games online
Wasting: sleep time. As usual.
Wishing: that Cedar would just stop with the wind already!
Enjoying: every single moment with my sweet baby. She grows too fast
Waiting: until tomorrow when I turn a quarter of a century old (25). Happy birthday to me!
Liking: modern medicine and that it is making my hubby feel like his old self again without all the aches and pains
Wondering: When my nail polish will start to chip. I hope it lasts a few more days
Loving: the happiness in our home
Hoping: it lasts forever ^^^
Marveling: at just how exactly oil popped up a whole 2 feet from the stove onto the mirror hanging on the wall behind it... freakin' wontons.
Needing: some sort of treat. Chocolate? 
Smelling: the sweet smell of laundry detergent. Ahhhh breathe it all in!
Wearing: Layers! White downeast undershirt, green burnout tee, starry chambray sleeveless top with white bermuda shorts and beaded flower t-strap sandals.
Following: the FIFA World Cup 2014. All thanks to my hubby (who I found out likes soccer... who knew?) and my brother and sister-in-law, Kaela and Jeremy, who invite us to watch it at their house. Uhm... a tie with Portugal? Come on! GO, USA!!
Noticing: How slippery our kitchen floor is from the wonton adventure! Swiffer mop, you're all mine... tomorrow.
Knowing: that tonight I probably hit the 9,485,735,635,275th time for watching Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone. Don't judge
Thinking: about a million things. Hello. I'm a woman and a mother and a wife. My brain doesn't shut off.
Feeling: extremely blessed 
Bookmarking: recipes and date night ideas
Opening: my fridge. Even though I just ate. I love food. Thanks.
Giggling: over the insanely cute giggles Miss Aurora makes 

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