May 4, 2014


I know it's been a little bit since I last posted, so I figured I'd give a small update on what's been going on...

Basically, we're busy being eaten alive by ants over here. Yup, that's right. Ants. Those pesky buggers are crawling all over my kitchen and it's grossing me out to the max! PLEASE keep your fingers crossed that all the ant killers I bought yesterday take full effect soon and get rid of our not-so-cute, tiny black friends because I really can't take them anymore.

On a brighter note, we got family pictures done at the end of March by Dan's lovely cousin, Chelsea Clark, and we just got them in the mail!! We are so SO in love with them! You should all go take a look-see at her photography blog -----> ChelsmerPhotography

Aren't they gorgeous! I have one handsome hubby and one beautiful daughter!

Other fun happenings at the Johnson household:

  • Last week, we had date night -just the two of us- and we went fishing and bowling and to dinner. And it was just lots of fun! (Even though Dan's face says otherwise haha)

  • Aurora has a sinus infection... oh, wait... that's not fun... but she does (the poor girl) so she's on antibiotics and hopefully it goes away! BUT...
  • that didn't stop her from getting her first kiss haha

  • I went to our last ladie's night get-together before my good friend, Laura, moves to Layton, last night and I got to see a lot of my girls from the movie theater. Laura's little boy, Kaden, was so sweet with Aurora... and that's why we've already arranged their marriage. Perfect!
  • We babysat Jack and Harlie this weekend so Jeremy and Kaela could celebrate their 5 year anniversary. Lots of fun and park adventures!

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