May 5, 2014

The Fifth of May

Tonight we celebrated Cinco de Mayo with my family. We've never celebrated it before (what is the holiday even for??), but my mom suggested it and we all thought it would be a fun, new tradition thing to start so we all brought a Mexican dish to share and had a grand old time!

I made Mexican Corn Salad because I wanted to bring Mexican Corn on the Cob that Dan's dad, Steve, had introduced us to but didn't want to have to deal with the cob. It turned out really yummy!

Becca brought Honey-Lime Chicken Enchiladas from the Six Sisters new cookbook and they were delish!

Steph brought strawberry shortcakes for our dessert and, boy, were they good!

Mom brought seven layer dip with chips and then she had a whole theme going to look like the Mexican flag including a veggie tray with snap peas, jicama, and red peppers; jello cups layered with green jello, cool-whip, and red jello; and then hard shelled tacos with tomatoes and lettuce. It was cute!

We also did activities: Erin, Dan, and Alex played catch in the backyard; everyone got addicted to a game called "2048" on their phones/kindles; and then (the main event!) we paper mached balloons to paint later for pinatas!


Happy May 5th, everyone!

P.S. I think our baby has discovered her feet. It's definitely the cutest thing. SHE'S the cutest thing! ...Even when she poops out her diaper onto my side of the bed... haha yuck!

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Lisa said...

Looks fun!! Love seeing you all! And that babe...oh my, she 's gotten so big...too cute! Please share your corn recipe...looks amazing good! Love that you're blogging again!