April 16, 2014


Today I had my last "after baby" check-up with Dr. Gatherum. Yay! We had a c-section to get little miss here and he said that I'm all healed up and everything looks good! So, yeah, I'm happy about that. AND to make everything even better, a little 6 year-old girl gave me a pretty little flower and smiled at me on her way out of the hospital. It was so cute and definitely made my day!

Luckily, Collette had come to pick me up for my appointment since Dan had to work at Tropical Smoothie and we only have the one car. Dan and I have been needing to get a new vehicle for a while now so Dan's been on the search for us. A few days ago, he saw a deal going on at a dealership in St. George and we were talking about going to just look. Well, while I was at my parents' talking with Collette and Erin, Dan called me from work and said that his mom was going to take us down with her to check it out at 1pm.

She came to our house to pick us up and after a quick stop at Dan's uncle's house, we were on our way to St. George. Long story, short...... We ended up getting a new car!! A 2005 Dodge Neon and we love it! And Dan's mom got a new vehicle too! A Town & Country Van! Perfect for helping Steve with his deliveries (he does a courier company). We were all pretty happy with our finds!

Then to top of our day, we got to stop by and see Grandma Rigby, eat some yummy food, and get a four generations picture. I've been dying to get one for Aurora with each set of parents and grandparents. Family is so important to us and I just know these photos will be a cherished treasure for her to have when she's older! All we need now, is one with the Johnson's! What a wonderful day.

Four Generations Rigby Side (minus Grandpa Rigby because he wasn't home!) 

Four Generations Smith Side

Four Generations Barclay Side

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