April 15, 2014

Moon Walk

Photo Credit: Melissa Henrie

First things first. The lunar eclipse last night was freaking awesome! One of those times when I'm feeling lucky to be in the "right place at the right time" aka on Facebook bouncing my baby to sleep and seeing KSL's post reminding people of the 'blood moon' at 1am. So Aurora fell asleep in my arms, I kissed her goodnight, put her in her crib, and ran out on my porch to see if I could see the moon... aaaaannd I could! Super clear, too! Yay! What an amazing thing to witness! It was so pretty!

I tried taking multiple pics but they did it NO justice so I had a small debate in my head over whether or not to wake Dan. I then decided that I would wake him but he was dead to the world and mumbled something like "Thad's nice. Take pigdures. Lub you." and turned over instead. Haha. After that, I ran back out to the porch, realizing I'd never get a good pic but that everyone needed to see it so... I posted to Facebook and text my dad. See, whenever I'm up late or can't sleep, I can always count on my dad to be awake too. Yeah. Not that night. haha the ONE night he's asleep at a good time. Bummer.

Anyway, it was really beautiful and I feel happy to have witnessed it. AND even happier that my amazing cousin, Melissa snapped a photo cause I totally stole it. Thanks Melis!

Oh! So this afternoon, I decided to go on a walk. Then I decided "Why not kill two three birds with one stone and go walking to pay rent and pay Brandon for working with Dan?" Well, I then ventured out to do just that thinking it was not as far as it actually was. Uphill. So after an hour, I paid Brandon via Krystel (who happened to drive past me in her car. Booya!) and then called Dan to pick me up/drive us up the hill to pay rent. Plus side is that I found a new part of the canyon trail called The East Bench Trail, which happens to run right past the entrance/exit to the C Trail AND I had a beautiful view of all of Cedar City and the mountains. Aurora slept most of the way but she woke up toward the end and just enjoyed the new sights. She's so cute! I love her as my walking buddy.

After Dan picked us up, we went by my parents' house to visit for a bit and then we came home to do a barbecue and watch Jimmy Fallon with Jeremy, Kaela, and Tasha + kids. Yummy food and fun night all around.

Before Jimmy Fallon came on, we put in The Princess Bride. It took me back to one of my first dates with Dan when we watched that movie at our cabin in Midway. Oh the memories! I loved having Dan by me on the couch to snuggle me like he did when we first watched it together. And after 3 years and a new baby, I'm 100% more in love with him. I'm so happy he's my forever. ♥

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