April 14, 2014

A Little Bit of Sunshine

Well, at almost week 14 of Aurora's life, we've hit the point of sleeping through the night (2am and on...) and most days we wake up around 8am or 9am. MAYBE 10am. And SOMETIMES 7am-ish. Yes, I take full advantage of this blessed time in our lives and try not to wake up earlier if I can help it.

Today, I had to babysit Tyne (Dan's boss at Ernie's cute cute 15 month old son) at 7am soooo I was awake when Dan left for work at 6:30am. Gah! I forgot how it feels to go to bed late and wake up early. It's killer. For those of you lucky souls who've never had the experience. Now. Some of you may think to yourselves "6:30am is not that early." Let me tell you, being a parent brings a whole new meaning to the words 'early', 'late', and 'tired'. It doesn't matter what time it is. It's always earlier than it needs to be, later than it should be, and you're always way WAY more tired than you ever thought you were before you had a child.

Is it worth it? Oh, you better believe it! Being a mom is the best thing I've ever done and I love my little more than anything. Every day I feel so blessed that my Heavenly Father would let me have the chance to raise and love one of his sweet spirits. Seriously, nothing brings more joy to me than being a wife and mother to my wonderful little family.

Anyway... (sorry, tangent...) it was fun having Tyne over and it's always fun to see how other babies interact with my little-er baby. He constantly wanted to touch her and she got a kick out of watching him do things.

After Tyne left, I got a shower and then Dan picked me and Aurora up to go watch Jack and Harlie do the Easter egg hunt in Enoch before going over to Kaela's parents' house for a barbecue. The weather has been so nice lately. It was fun to be outside in it for a little bit. Watching the egg hunt made me excited that Aurora will be old enough next year to have some fun with it.

Oh, and we finished off the night with Jimmy Fallon and The Tonight Show. He freakin' cracks us up! It's become tradition, now that Jeremy and Kaela live behind us, to go over there to watch it every night. Love it. Love our families!

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