August 3, 2013

It's a....

Well, we found out the gender of our sweet baby on Friday! And we are THRILLED to announce, we're having a baby GIRL!! Yay!

It was so fun to have Dan there with me to see our baby moving and growing! She kicked for us and they even saved footage of that on a CD for us with some other pictures. I could watch those baby feet kick all day! It was adorable! I can't wait to feel her kicking. 

Waiting to see her was torture for two reasons... 1) they made me go in with a full bladder so the wait about killed me! I was going to explode! Lucky for me, my bladder was TOO full for him to do the ultrasound so they let me go before we started haha and 2) they didn't tell us her gender until half way through the ultrasound because they had to do measurements and stuff for my doctor AND he said she's healthy but a little small so he wanted to be sure before saying "it's a girl". 

In the end, we found out and we are just so happy! We have felt like she was a girl from the beginning so it was fun to be right. And now we can get decorating and begin the spoiling of our wonderful, beautiful DAUGHTER! So fun to say that! 

I'm excited to meet her and for her to meet her dad! Dan talked to her this morning and told her that we're so happy to have her and it was so special and cute. Great moment. 

I love Dan so much and I'm so excited for this adventure we're on! 


Alyssa Kaylee said...

I'm so happy for you!! I hope I'll get some pictures in the field when she's born! Any name ideas yet?

Liz Johnson said...

Aurora Elise Johnson :) and, of course, we'll be sending pics!