July 22, 2013

Korea Korea!

Hello, bloggers! Sorry it's been SO long since I've posted! (We are currently internet-less at our house so with only phone access, keeping up on the blog is a bit difficult) But the last few days we've been spending a lot of time at my parents' house because they have some Korean girls staying with them AND our washer is broken at our house so they've been nice enough to let us bum theirs (Dan's parents too! Thanks!).

So the girl next to Erin is Heejin Moon and the next one is Minji Kim. They are here to attend some classes at SUU and will be staying with my family for 2 weeks. It's been really fun to get to know them. They are the same age as Collette! Kind of. haha I say that because in the United States age is different than it is in Korea! HERE they are 17 and in Korea they are 18 because in Korea, they count the time in the womb as their age so when they are born, they are considered 1 year old. I thought that was kind of cool!

Other things we learned:
-They don't get driver's licenses until they are 20 years old so they were amazed that Collette could drive haha
-They love s'mores!

Things we've been introduced to:
-Korean pop music! They had us listen to a popular boy band from S. Korea called Big Bang and they're actually really good
-Korea's version of string cheese.... uhm.... yuck. haha it tastes similar to bologne... or something. Yuck. (But don't tell them that! They love the stuff!)

Collette and Erin love having them here! It's like one big teenage party at my parents' house all the time now haha lots of screaming and giggling. It's lovely.

In other news, Dan and I find out what our baby will be on August 2nd!! AHHHHHHHH!!! I'm dying! I can't believe I'm already almost to 17 weeks! The pregnancy is going great so far. I'm over the nauseous part so that's great. BUT my hip is hurting like I have a pinched nerve which is not so great. It's ok though because I know it'll all be SO worth it in the end! Dan and I are over the moon excited to be parents and to meet our little "bundle of joy" (seriously though!).

Also, I met with Trish Adams from North Elementary (who I'll be subbing for this school year when she has her little girl) and Lori Bunker (the teacher I did my practicum with) today and I'm starting to get really excited for the school year to start! It'll be like I have my own classroom to start the year off. 5th grade! It's going to be so much fun!


Kristen said...

oh my goodness! 17 weeks!? where has the time gone?? you're almost halfway done. How exciting you get to find out the gender!! I can't wait to know!

The Jackson's said...

i can't wait to hear what you are having!! As for the pinched nerve, I had that too when I was preg with Emily. I went to Becca Whittaker, Whittaker Family chiropractic. She specializes in pregnant women and babies. She is amazing!! good luck with the rest of your pregnancy!