April 13, 2013

Watermelon Day Dreams

Everyone has that one person who they can go weeks, even months without seeing but who, everytime they see them, without fail, they can talk to for hours about absolutely everything and absolutely nothing and have it feel like no time at all has passed since they were last with you. Ya know??

Well, even if that made no sense at all, I'm sure you all have a best friend and that's kinda what I'm describing, so you know what I mean haha...

My one person is my cousin, Melissa. That girl! Ahh! She's great! 

Lucky for me, she came down this weekend and we got to play for a few hours before she had to head home. We chatted about everything and we chatted about nothing. We went to dinner at Wingers and had some awesome sticky fingers, shared a delicious meal of cajun mahi mahi with coconut rice, and devoured a cookie zookie in a matter of minutes! Yum! Then we traded music loves while looking at old pictures. It was the absolute best! Honestly. 

Also, she introduced me to Tumblr soooooo, follow me. And like it! ---------> lizjohnson23.tumblr.com

1 comment:

Melissa said...

liz!!! ahh - i LOVE you!! so much. and i wish i could just come over and chill on a whim whenever i wanted. you are that same person for me.