March 19, 2013

InstaTuesday #3

/It was an A-day. I needed this. And besides, a hot fudge and peanut butter cup shake from Artic Circle is good anytime./

/The weather reached temps of close to 70° so I had to pull the shorts out! Have they come out since? No./

/So, like many of you (maybe), I suffer from having minor pit stains on my shirts... gross? Yes. BUT I found a DIY trick to get them out with asprin. Naturally, I used my makeup brush to crush the aspirin so I could add water and soak my shirt in it haha/

/Being stuck behind a bus trying to get into the school parking lot would be ok IF the sunrise was always this beautiful/

/Just the start of Dan landscaping the Butler's yard. I love watching him work/

/Chopping down the HUGE tree in the Butler's yard/

/My brother-in-laws on the job/

/8pm dinner at DQ with the Stubbs/Johnson fam OUTDOORS! Bring on summer!/

/All the sisters at Kaela's baby shower! I should be getting a cute new niece in the next couple weeks! Can't wait to meet baby Harlie/

/Why do girls take shoe pics? 1) to show how cute our shoes really are 2) to show that we wore the wrong shoes to a landscaping site/

/One time my mom made yummy cookies and then came to my house with Cole and Erin to bring me some. I have the best family!/

/Yup, I do lay in bed til the last possible minute before going to school. It's just like when I was ACTUALLY in high school.../

/The rock was added to the Butler's yard and it looked SO cool falling from the dump truck!/

/Sometimes, Dan finds puffy coats at his mom's house and wears them so I make him model for me haha/

/I had been wanting to try this for forever so when Dan was sleeping one night, I drove to Smith's and bought some with all change at the self check out. Then I came home and ate the whole thing that night. I'm a pig and it was SO worth it!/

/Today was scouts and we went on a field trip to the library. I had the librarian give them a tour and talk about the library...I think they were bored to death. Oh well, it's the pinewood derby next week so that makes up for it, right?/

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