March 12, 2013

InstaTuesday #2

Here's the latest installment of InstaTuesday. Enjoy!

/This field by my house has holds kind of a special place in my heart. It was where Dan and I got some of our engagement photos and I love it because it has the most beautiful red bushes. I love the contrast of the red with the yellows... especially on a rainy day./

/Oh, just a selfie. haha It'd been a while since I'd rocked the middle part so I had to!/

/I really love this guy. He can always make me smile./

/Finally got the chance to hang out with Brandon and Kristel and got to meet their sweet new baby girl, Rylee. We had a fun night! Bryan and Mickel came, too, and we had breakfast for dinner and played Mario Kart on the Wii./

/Relaxing on my parents' couch before family dinner. It was nice./

/These two can always, always get me laughing! haha They are the best!/

/Monday, I got to go to the CHS choir concert to watch Collette. I was 5 minutes late so I missed her singing but that's ok because that was THE shortest concert I'd ever been to at Cedar High. I'm serious. We're talking 50 minutes instead of 2 hours. Yeah./

/AND, even better, I got to sit by these people at the concert. I love my family! Also, there may have been an old man sitting behind us watching the concert through binoculars... so, yeah, it was good haha./

/This, here, is the aftermath of Tuesday night scouts at my house. We passed off their communication beltloop by telling stories, writing letters, making posters, and eating cookies. Oh... wait. Eating cookies isn't part of the requirement.../

/Today was also my littlest sister, Erin's, birthday. 13, people, 13!! She's getting so grown up! AND beautiful! It was so fun to celebrate by swimming at the aquatic center and then eating pizza at Steph's with ALL my gorgeous sisters and wonderful husband. Sibling time was much needed. I love these people./

/AND the sunset was gorgeous. Happy birthday, Erin!/

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