March 25, 2013


Uhm... so... uh... last week, I had a girls night with some ladies that I used to work with and Sara Sanders introduced me to Polyvore. You can create outfits and stuff and yeah, it's basically awesome. Seriously! Well... I may be obsessed with it now. Just maybe... FINE, I AM! OK? I'm obsessed!! I have now spent countless hours laying in bed, watching 30 Rock (hilarious), and creating outfits on Polyvore. Countless. Hours. But look! They're just so cute! I need them all!

I guess that's what happens when I take a sick day from school. Well, that and I get to go to work with Dan in the morning and then spend the afternoon with him taking a nap and watching Tanked. So... I'd say it's been a good sick day.

I'm feeling so much better after almost a whole day of lounging. It's been a long time coming.

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Kristen said...

Oh no! I think I'm going to be addicted now too! So freakin cool! I like your style guurll! haha