March 26, 2013

InstaTuesday #4

/This is where I spend my days at CVHS. Room 208./

/As we've discussed, I'm obsessed with Polyvore. This is what started that.../

/If you're familiar with the play, A Mid-Summer Night's Dream, then you know that it's all about mixed up love and it's just...silly. Well, my reading class gets a whole lot better when we read A Mid-Semester's Daydream (an adaption of the play mentioned before), and the students get to "profess their love" to each other. Especially when one character is a donkey mascot... haha. They loved it. They were recording themselves reading it and sending it to their mothers. I got a "What is your teacher having you read??" reply back to the recording of the few lines read in the picture haha/

/This one time, my Grandpa Smith bought a little motorcycle. Then he sold it to Dan and his brothers. It's so fun to ride!/

/Camping mistake #1: Giving this child a Monster Energy Drink. Good job, Dan and Ryan. haha JK he was all hyped up and hilarious./

/1st camping trip of the year! It was a balmy 20°F outside and the fire did NOT help but, boy, did we have fun!/

/Just hanging in the trailer with this guy. We could be models./

/I feel like, when I'm camping, I can eat whatever I want for breakfast. True story./

/I totally made dutch-oven potatoes for dinner on the camp trip and they were good. A few mistakes but I know what to change for next time to make them even better!/

/Study hall is so boring when I have no one to help and 90% of the students have gone to the lab. BUT I usually do get to hear all the gossip of the school in study hall (you know? drug busts, arrests, fights, ex-girlfriends, etc.) AND I get to hear all about Pokemon and computer games. I'm so lucky./

/Oh, just a shot of the boys at the pinewood derby tonight!/

/Tonight, Dan fell asleep before me, but that's ok because even when he's dead asleep, he still reaches to hold my hand. You know it's true love when he isn't even aware he's doing it. It's these little moments that remind me how glad I am that he's all mine ♥/

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Alyssa Kaylee said...

It's true, you could totally be models. How are you liking teaching high schoolers? Also, thanks for your comment on my blog. I found it very enlightening. :)