February 5, 2013

Where's My Dang Quesadilla?!

First, my sister, Becca, got an iPhone. Yeah. I'm a little jealous! BUT this picture is from Instagram and I was actually the one who posted it! It was her first Instagram post ever haha

In other news, tonight was our very first cub scout meeting. I was SO lucky to have Dan there! He got everything ready for it while I was teaching today and then he helped me do the lesson/activity for the boys. I seriously couldn't have run it as smoothly without him. ♥

7 cub scouts + the gym = crazy business! Luckily, Dan brought candy and a basketball haha We did a lesson/activity on "Being Safe at Home and on the Streets" and for every answer they got right, they got a candy. Then we played basketball afterward.

Before we got started, one of the boys had his little brother there for a minute and he was carrying a very big bag of popcorn. He told me that he got it from his "gwam-ma and gwam-pa" and that it was "way good" but he couldn't give any to fat guys cause they'd eat it all. haha

Now I'm home and Dan is at HIS scouts (he's the assistant scout master for our ward), I have ALL my lessons ready to go for tomorrow AND Thursday, and I just ate dinner so life is good. 

WAY better than this morning especially... seeings how I set my alarm on my phone but forgot to turn up the volume so I woke up at 8:44am in sheer panic since it takes me 15 minutes (at least) to get to school and it starts at 8:50am. I got ready in record time! So yeah, after my school day running smoothly, scouts being a success, having a wonderful husband, having no homework, and having a full belly, I'd say I've definitely overcome my morning disaster and made this a great day!

OH!! And the best part of the night? I learned that my quesadilla maker (which was our best wedding gift BY FAR) can also grill sandwiches. Yeah, pretty dang delicious!

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Alyssa Kaylee said...

SANDWICHES TOO?! Sounds like a great day! I bet having all those rambunctious boys is pretty crazy. I can barely handle the 7 eight year olds in my primary class! Haha!