February 3, 2013


Yesterday, Dan was off work so we slept in and watched our show on Netflix. Then we went shopping for new pants and shoes cause we both needed them badly! When we got home, we made strawberry milkshakes and Dan made me breakfast for dinner. It was yummy! He's such a sweetheart to me.

At 9pm, we went to the roller rink here in Cedar for a tribute concert for Dan's cousin, Kelly, who passed away in November. Everyone rode skates or blades around the rink all night and listened to music played/sang by friends and family of Kelly. It was fun to get together with Dan's family and remember Kelly. AND it was fun to see Dan out skating around the rink. He was pretty good at it! He even skated around with our nephew, Jack, for awhile. It was a good day!

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Kristen said...

You look great! Sounds like a good weekend