February 7, 2013

Evil Cougars

Well, thanks to H&R Block and Dan, we have our taxes done! Phew! Aaaaand it looks like we're actually going to get some money back! Yay, us!

Oh! And, apparently there was an earthquake "'round these parts" today. And I totally missed it. I must just be used to feeling off balance haha No, but I was teaching math at the time so I was too into that, I guess. I'm betting the kids weren't, but I was!

Speaking of student teaching, I'm down to the single digits in my first placement now. I go to the high school next and I'm kind of looking forward to that BUT I'm not ready to leave my 2nd graders! They are so fun! They give me hugs every day and make me laugh. I've finally gotten onto a really good schedule with them too so I'm going to be so bummed to have to leave! You can bet your bottom dollar, I'll be going back to visit those little cuties!

Yesterday they played "wild animals" at recess and some were wolves, "evil cougars", and one girl was a duck... because she brought a duck caller to school. Yeah, it was awesome. They crawl around on the ground and chase each other. It's really cute haha I'm going to take a wild guess and say that they won't be playing "wild animals" at recess in the high school haha I'm going to miss that.

Anyways, tonight I'm cleaning my house and doing some laundry so Dan can go on the Klondike tomorrow with scouts and I can have my sisters over for a rockin' sleepover! It will be so fun! We're going to dress Erin like Ke$ha haha... yeah, exciting!

Oooo! The song, Free by Zac Brown Band just came on my Pandora... oh, it brings back memories of when Dan and I were dating and riding in his truck ♥ Soooo glad I'm married to that guy!

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