January 10, 2013

Indoor Recess

So this little girl in class (of whom we call 'Q') said the funniest thing today in 2nd grade. I just have to share haha

Woah! Pause! First!
Background info: The wind and cold were outrageous today so we had indoor recess and one of the options was these really pattern-y and detailed coloring pages for them to color.

And... Play!
Me: "Q, did you already start coloring a design or are you getting a new one?"
Q: "Yeah, I started coloring this one (pointing to one with lots of tiny, repeating geometric shapes) and I colored three of these in the corner but then I was like 'Holy Hell! That's just too much.' (As she shakes her head back and forth) So I'm getting one with less coloring areas."


In other news, last night we took Dan's parents, Candace and Steve, to dinner at Winger's for Candace's birthday since Dan had to work tonight on her actual birthday. It was so yummy and fun to be able to chat with them! (Bonus: I got to eat Winger's sticky fingers again for lunch today!)

Soooo, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, CANDACE! We love you ♥

And, STEVE, good luck with your surgery tomorrow! We love you and are praying for you ♥

For those unaware, Dan's dad, Steve, had a "questionable" mole on his leg and had it removed. The doctors found out that it was, indeed, Melanoma and it was 7cm down (which is NOT good) so they are doing more surgery tomorrow to see if it's spread. Please keep him in your prayers! We're all trying to stay really optimistic about it and prayers could really help him through this scary time.

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Kristen said...

Mmmmm sticky fingers!! And prayers for Dans dad!