January 12, 2013


Sorry, folks! You're probably about sick of all these posts with no pictures BUT lately I've really been seeing the love the Lord has for me and for others and it's really helped to strengthen my testimony so I thought I'd share a couple really neat experiences I've had.

This week, we had a new student come into class and as my mentor teacher was speaking with the girl's mother about their family, they found out that their son is in the same mission (Uruguay) as my mentor teacher's parents! AND the crazy thing was that he comes home in 6 weeks but really needs a new suit so they were trying to figure out a way to mail it to him so that he will get it before he comes home and didn't think they'd be able to.

Well, it just so happens that my mentor teacher's son is flying there to visit his grandparents on Friday so he can take the suit to the mission home to give it to the new student's brother! What a blessing that was for that family to just "happen" to have their daughter put in my mentor teacher's class. The Lord sure does look out for his missionaries and their families.

Also, on Thursday, we had a giant snow storm. It started when I got home from school around 4pm and within an hour we had almost five inches! Around 5:30pm, I started to get hungry and needed to go to the store to get some milk. Even though it was a blizzard outside and I debated whether or not to go, I decided I'd just run to Smith's since it was close to my house. So I got to Smith's and ended up picking up a few things besides the milk. On my way past one of the aisles, I saw a girl from my block class who was nice but ALWAYS annoyed me a little bit. At first I thought, 'I'm not going to say hi because she bothered me so bad in class and just annoy me here too' (I know, I'm mean...) but then I just had the feeling that, no, I'd better just go say hi and see how her student teaching is going.

I walked up to her and said hi and asked about her student teaching. She said it was going ok and then she just had this look like she was going to cry and she started sobbing! I hurried to give her a hug and then asked what was wrong. It turns out that she is eight weeks pregnant and has had horrible morning sickness so she has been late to class a few days, her and her husband just moved into a new place and things are in boxes and hard to find, her husband has been home all week but hasn't done anything to help her, and she has to make dinner but had no food since they just moved so she had to come out in the snow storm. Poor girl. When she finished telling me all that, she said, "Thanks for letting me vent. It's probably not what you wanted to hear when you came to the store but I have been feeling so frustrated and have no one to talk to about it. It made me feel better to be able to just vent to you. Thank you!" How amazing was it, that I went to the store in that snow storm too and I just "happened" to be there when she needed someone?

I'm so amazed at how the Lord knows each of our struggles and that he puts people into our lives to help us in our exact moment of need. I feel so blessed to be able to witness these experiences and so blessed that I was able to be "an answer to someone's prayers" whether they prayed for me to be the one or not. I'm also thankful that I listened to that feeling I had to stop instead of just avoiding that girl in my class that day. It has strengthened me so much to be able to put the needs of someone else before my own mean thoughts.

Apparently, the Lord was looking out for me too. I love the gospel ♥

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Alyssa Kaylee said...

I love this post, thanks for sharing! :) The Lord really blesses us in ways we would never imagine.