January 8, 2013

Setting something on fire = Free donuts!

First can we just say, I'm addicted to food. I love it. I just do. AND it looooooves me and clings tightly to me... in the form of fat. I'm just going to embrace it SO as I sit here typing away, I'm busy eating the bag full of chocolate chips from Christmas. I think one of my new years resolutions should've involved the word "exercise". Too bad it didn't.

Aaanyway, Dan and I both learned new skills involving our Christmas presents this past week! His chanter came in the mail and so began the lessons of learning the bagpipes from my dad (my grandpa would've been proud). It was great! Dan learned the scale and practices all the time. It's really cute and he actually plays pretty good! It's fun that my dad is able to pass on that Barclay family heritage to my husband.

As for me, I finally got the chance to put my new sewing machine to work with the help of my mom when we spent an entire day together sewing cute baby bibs. It was so fun to learn from my talented mom and to see the finished products I had made "all by myself". I really am proud of how they turned out! I even hand-sewed a couple things! The bibs came from a packet I bought and it's full of many more patterns so we have plans to do more. I'm excited! I like sewing.

In other news, I started student teaching for 2nd grade yesterday and so far it's been wonderful! Enoch is such a great school! I really have such a great mentor teacher AND all the other teachers and aides I've met so far are so awesome. I know this is going to be a good experience... ESPECIALLY since the kids are just about the cutest and "fun-est" (I know. Not a word. Whatevs.) kids I've met. They really do say and do some of the funniest things!

Example #1: 
Mr. H - "What are some of the things we could maybe have learned from books we've read in this class?"
Student - "Oh! That if we set something on fire, we'll get free donuts!" (The Best Christmas Pageant Ever by Barbara Robinson)

Example #2:
Student - "No man knows!"
Me - "Knows what?"
Student - "When he will come!"
Me - "When who will come?"
Student - "The second coming!"

Example #3:
Student - "I want to have a friend made completely of cheese! I just LOVE cheese!"

Example #4:
The teacher is reading Fablehaven by Brandon Mull for the read-aloud and it mentions gollum. As soon as it's mentioned about half the class starts saying "My precious!" in creepy little voices like that smeagol guy from Lord of the Rings  

Example #5:
In math, one of the answers to the problem we worked on was '5 children' so one student asked, "Can we put 'kids' or do we have to put 'children'?" In response to that, another said, "Wait! I thought kids were baby goats!" And sounding very appalled, another says, "You can't put 'kids', we're not baby goats!" (Note to self: Never refer to them as "kids".)

P.S. Dan FINALLY fixed the brakes on Jimmy! AND the heater! I feel like I'm driving a new car! I'ts the best. I'm so lucky to have a husband who knows about cars and can fix mine! Yay!


Kristen said...

Haha those kids sound like way too much fun! Super cute bibs too! I love them!

Melissa said...

so i just read all those things that those kids said to my roommate and we just laughed our heads off! so cute!!!!