December 5, 2012


Well, it's that time of year again. And no, I'm not talking about finals... although, it IS, indeed, that time. BUT the time of year I'm talking about is what I like to call "Phone Pic Dumping". Yes, it's a grand ol' time. So, without further ado...

Harlem Globe Trotters // Koda // Cuddle time in bed with Roxy // Dan and Caleb in cages // Pretty sunset at the preschool (1st house) // Cute mustached sisters // Ushering at the Megaplex // Dan and little Jack // SPED block collaboration activities // My cute "dogs" // Matching shirts with my dad // Beautiful sun shining through the clouds

Chloe Shoemake // Bunnies at Cal Ranch // Snuggling Hughes-y // Giving blood // Quoted in the school paper // Bowling at Christmas time // Straw-wrapper heart reminding me how much my husband loves me // Jack at Wendy's // Beautiful "castle" // Pet the bunny // Parents are the best

Excited about salt-water taffies // Bunny cuddling // SPED block collaboration activities // Sisters at the park // Blue skies // New house // Cell phone imprint // SUU in water color // Dog walking // New bangs // Families are forever

Pudding with Abby Dennett // Bikes with Erin // Toy time in ELED block // Beautiful October day // Good luck with practicum // Concert in the park // Cute mini vaseline fetish // Painting nails with Kailey Dennett // Dan and Becca eat froyo without me // Boots Dan will one day own // Football games with the husband

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Melissa said...

love!!! i need to do this!