November 24, 2012


This last little while has been kind of rough on Dan and I. We've both been working non-stop and life just seems to always get in the way of us having any real time together. Other things have become a priority in our lives and the other night we both realized that wasn't how we wanted things to be. We are both constantly stressing about money and time and have had no time to even help each other de-stress because the only time we can talk about anything during the day is the 15 minutes between the time we get home from work and the time we go to bed. Which only made matters worse because the time we spend together shouldn't be all about complaining and trying to cram in talk from a whole day when we're both so tired.

So, we sat down and talked. We talked about what we could change and how we could make our marriage better; to bring it back to the way it was before we let other things come first. And then we made a list. A goal list. Things we both wanted. Things to make us better; to make US a priority. Promises to each other to be the best we can so we can make each other better. And then we signed it and I framed it. Yes, we signed it and yes, I framed it. If it's written down, you've signed it, and it's framed in a place you can see everyday, it's cement... right? RIGHT!

And let me tell you, these last few days have been wonderful. We've both been making a conscious effort to make more time for each other and to make each other's life a little easier and less stressful. It's been wonderful! Tonight was the best yet. We both worked full days today (Dan cutting wood and delivering it for 12 hours and me working at the theater for 9 hours) but when 8:00pm came around, it was our time.

I got home from work just as Dan was getting home from the store. He had picked up some eggnog, chocolate milk, cookies, and muffins for a night of decorating our home for Christmas. We took our tree and the food inside and I turned on the Christmas tunes. We both got in our pjs and headed to the living room to set things up. We decorated the tree together while we listened to music and talked and then we both set into writing our talks for sacrament meeting tomorrow so we could watch a Christmas movie together afterwards.  It was so nice to have a fun and creative, stress-free date night with my amazing, thoughtful, and sweet husband. I really do have it good!

Now, I need to finish my talk so I better shut up! haha Wish us luck! ...we may need it haha!

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