December 6, 2012


Forget being stressed for finals! The most stressful time of your life has GOT to be the "final" two weeks of school. Practically all of your assignments for the entire semester are due during those final weeks and if you're big on procrastination, like I am, you need to expect some seriously LATE nights doing projects, papers, and assignments. Especially if you procrastinate by spending your time taking pictures of yourself and making fake Christmas cards with your "family" from class so you can give them to your professors... haha

The last week I haven't been to bed earlier than AT LEAST 2am and at the LATEST, 6am. Kill me, right? But the good news is, I'm, like, 80% done with everything! AND I only have one more semester to go!!! That's what's up!!

I am SO looking forward to my winter break, you don't even know. I get to go up north for my grandma's Christmas party and then Dan and I are going on a mini vacay to Mesquite with Bryan and Mickel PLUS I think we're going to play Minute-To-Win-It for our new Christmas Eve tradition with my family. It'll be a much needed break and it will be so fun! I've also, talked my mom into doing a bit of sewing with me over the break since I won't be working (Oh! I recently quit the movie theater so I can be ready for student teaching next semester. It's a bummer cause I work with the best people. No joke. But... it'll be good).

In other news, I got my PLT scores back and I scored as "above average" with a score of 182! Boo ya! Also, I had my final interview with my professors on how my three practicums went this semester and I was so happy to hear that they were both "so impressed" with how I teach and they both said I'm "a natural teacher", "a great fit with the kids", and "will do an amazing job with student teaching and any job I get in the future". They also told me that I got very high praise from all my cooperating teachers but from my cooperating teacher at North, in particular, and apparently she is a tough one to get that from.

Wow! Talk about a confidence boost. Sometimes you need that though, to remind you that you CAN do it. Fear sometimes takes over and it can be easy to forget that this is what I've been trained for the last 6 years of school. I was excited about it. Aaaaaand... there's my 5 minutes of bragging. Sorry. The end.


Melissa said...

congrats liz!! you are so great, i'm not surprised your teachers think so too. i'm so proud of you! woo hoo for almost being done.

The Jackson's said...

Way to go!! I'm not surprised you did a good job! Also, when your blog first came up and I saw that picture of you, I totally thought it was Colette!!! Funny! Good Luck teaching!!