November 15, 2012

Twi-hards. Oh yeah!

As I sit here listening to some Florence & The Machine in between class and practicum, Pandora so graciously reminds me that Breaking Dawn part dos comes out tonight and that I get to work until 2am. I'm not looking forward to working that late BUT I'm actually kind of excited to see the crowd this movie brings AND to see how our new "reserved seating" does with a big movie where people would've normally waited in line for hours upon hours. Apparently there will be a DJ there and I will have an unlimited amount of Cherry Coke at my fingertips so it'll be good haha

I, myself, only made it to movie #2 of the Twilight series soooooo... yeah, it'll be fun to see what an opening night brings for those "twi-hards" haha

Anywho, back to Pandora. Can I just say that I'm loving me a mix of the following stations? Yes, yes, I can.

-Five For Fighting
-Gavin Degraw
-Imagine Dragons
-Imogen Heap
-John Mayer
-Matt Wertz
-Rob Thomas
-The Goo Goo Dolls
-The Kooks
-The Script
-The Temper Trap

Uhm, yeah, basically that mix is gold. GOLD, I tell you. The Temper Trap and Imagine Dragons kill me with goodness.

In other news, someone "borrowed" my credit card number to purchase some stuff for $40 on iTunes. I'm not very happy about that. I had to cancel the card and a new one will have to be sent to me. It's a bummer, really.

BUT, on a brighter note, Dan's birthday is on Sunday. He will be the big 24. I already gave him his birthday present like a month early haha because I just couldn't wait! It was a new wedding ring for crying out loud! Who could wait for that?? Now I need to decide how we'll celebrate though... So any ideas, guys? Sundays are hard to plan birthdays on... that guy deserves some serious partying though cause he never ceases to make my days better. I am so happy with him ♥

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Kristen said...

I seriously am so excited to see this! I'll be on the lookout for you.