November 21, 2012


Today I am thankful for the little things...
  1. time I get to spend with Dan, no matter how little that might be with our busy schedules or what we're doing... even if it's cutting wood on his birthday (I split wood with an axe all by myself for the first time ever! haha)
  2. the work Dan and I have been able to do over the last few weeks
  3. hugs
  4. my mom inviting me to go to a relief society women's conference with her and hearing exactly what my HF knew I needed to hear
  5. my family
  6. Dan's family
  7. prayer
  8. being able to hold Dan's hand and cry with him at Kelly's funeral
  9. good weather and sunny skies
  10. knowing families are forever and that this life isn't the end
  11. jumping on the trampoline with Dan--laughing and having a good time after such a long, long day
  12. all the family we've been able to see these last few days
  13. the love Dan and I have for each other and the support we are to one another (I really am married to my very best friend ♥ )
  14. mornings where we get to sleep in
  15. school and the things I've been able to learn to better my life
  16. our home
  17. 5-day weekends
Sometimes the daily struggles of life can keep me from being thankful for the little things. It's easier to complain about everything than it is to just be thankful for what I do have. Writing down and remembering all the things I'm so blessed to have, really help. When you're focusing on all the good in your life, it's really hard to be negative and you're able to see things clearer; to be there for others and become less selfish.