November 14, 2012


I feel like things come in waves. Weddings. Babies. Death. You'll go through times where it feels like all your friends are getting married or having babies all at once. It's fun! But now I think it's death's turn to come in waves and it's kind of sad, really... My friend and co-worker, Kammi Jo Barton, passed away a couple of weeks ago. She had Down-syndrome and was just about the sweetest girl I've had the privilege to meet. Her funeral was so beautiful--full of Beach Boys' songs and a Green Bay Packers flower arrangement. Then just yesterday, Dan's 15 year old cousin, Kelly, passed away. His mom, April, went to wake him up for school and he wouldn't wake up. They aren't really sure what happened but think maybe the wrong mixtures of medications did it. I'm so sad for his parents and his two sisters. I feel like we just barely saw him. Yes, it's definitely death's turn.Weird how that happens, right?

All I can say about the whole thing, is that I'm glad I have the knowledge I do of what happens next. As sad as death is, I know it's not the end.

Our prayers go out to Kelly's family at this time... We ♥ you guys!

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Janalee said...

So sorry for such a loss, both with Kami and Kelly. I will be praying for you.