November 1, 2012

Costume Party!

Halloween was fun this year! We went to a few parties and I even dressed up twice this year (NOT as an M&M... like every other year hahaFor my work party at the old hospital and the dance at the school the weekend before Halloween, Dan and I dressed as pirates and I dressed Becca like Cindy Lou Who. It was fun! We even took pictures with giant snakes at The Scream! (Just ignore my double chin...)

Then on Halloween night, Dan was working so I hung out at my parents' house for awhile and helped my sisters get ready. I made Erin look like a cute clown and Becca look like an 80's girl before making myself into a birdwatcher haha I loved that costume of mine... my bird even made real bird noises!

My mom and dad made yummy fajitas and then I headed to Applebee's for ladies night/karaoke with some of my girls from the block (Kayla, Olivia and her cute little boy--Austin, Chelsea, and Kaylee) and their friend, Allie. I had dessert and then we sang There's Your Trouble by The Dixie Chicks for everyone in the restaurant. Those girls are so fun! After Dan got off work, I met him and Mickell and Bryan at Denny's. So even though we didn't carve pumpkins (poor Dan), we had a good time this year.

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