November 12, 2012

And I Crack Myself Up

So, this is what I do in class. (Don't give me an iPad) And I crack myself up.

In other news, I've started watching Psych again and it is so freakin' funny. Just sayin'

Also, I just finished a week of teaching 3rd grade in St. George. I dealt with LOADS of tattling, paper-eaters, a mock presidential election at the school resulting in Mitt Romney winning haha, and some dang funny stuff coming out of the mouths of children.

On Friday, we got to go on a field trip with the 5th graders from North to Zion National Park for the Plein Air Art thing. We got to listen to different artists and how they paint in nature and we got to observe the beautiful scenery of the park. Only one kid barfed on the bus ride there so I'd say the trip was a good one haha

Saturday, we woke up to snow. I know it's November and all, but I'm not ready for this cold weather! I had to go to a staff meeting (our first one since July) for Megaplex at 8:30am and I am happy to say that I got employee of the month! So I get to bring Dan to a movie screening with me for The Hobbit in December (Woohoo!).

After the meeting, Dan came and picked me up to go to breakfast at The Market Grill and then we went to Fids to see Chasing Mavericks, which was really good. We, also, went to a pawn shop to look around, checked out frame pricings at a frame shop for our St. George Temple painting, and had lunch/dinner at Sizzler. We ended the night watching Grey's Anatomy and going to bed early. It was wonderful. Our schedules have been crazy lately so being able to spend even one whole day together to be silly (see photo below) and have fun is fantastic.

On Sunday, my Grandma Barclay was in town for a grandmas thing with my sisters for young womens. It was fun to see her and hear some stories about her childhood and then raising my dad. One she shared from her childhood was funny. Her parents owned a bakery and they lived in it growing up. Her and her sister Carolyn were bathing one night in a large metal tub while her dad was making donuts. One of the donuts came out wrong so he threw it in the bathtub with the girls to be funny. In my grandma's words, "When we saw that, we each screamed bloody murder thinking the other had done their business in the tub! My dad thought that was quite funny." haha She also told us how my dad (who is adopted) went on her first date with my grandpa because he asked to go and my grandpa said yes. Oh dad! haha I loved hearing the stories she had to share.

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Kristen said...

Wow! You've been busy girl! Glad to see you're having fun too