September 22, 2012

Grass Rollers and Movie Hoppers

On Thursday, Dan had to plant 14 trees in some guy's yard (seriously, who puts that many trees in their yard?!) so I dropped off some pudding and jello snack-packs to my dying sister & brother-in-law who had just had their wisdom teeth removed then picked up Erin to have her party with me.

We had plans to make banana bread and do her math homework BUT plans never work out exactly the way you thought so here's what really happened:

1. We watched YouTube videos of Chris Brown music and of the CMS staff doing a music video for "Call Me Maybe" haha (Erin should be the spokesperson for YouTube. Serious. She loves that thing.)

2. My cousin, Jac, called and asked if we'd watch her cute girlies, Kailey and Abby, until Nate could pick them up at 6pm. So they came over to my house. We took them on a walk around Three Fountains, had grass rolling races down a grass hill we found, ate pudding, painted nails, and made art with watercolors. It was fun!

3. Dan got home at 6:30pm and we decided to have my fam over for dinner. I had been proactive that day and made dinner in the crockpot... rootbeer pulled pork for sandwiches... AND I did make that banana bread with Erin so we had that for dessert! So yum! It was fun having my family over to our house for dinner!

In other news, Friday night, Dan and I went to dinner with his mom and dad at Winger's and then we went to Hope Springs with them at Fids. It was so fun to go on a date with them! ...After the date, Dan and I went to the 8 to watch Premium Rush haha (Hey, when it's free, you might as well!) It was a fun night.

Also, Dan got a new phone (finally) so he doesn't have to have the old flip phone he was using from when I was 16. He's happy! It's a Droid III (or something) that he got from his mom when she got her new one. I'm only slightly jealous...

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