August 10, 2012

Long Day

Thursday nights in Cedar during the summer have become reserved for a little thing the Parks and Rec department set up as "The Concert in the Park Series". Each Thursday they have a different band or singer come in and perform under the pavilion at the park on Main while a few awesome peoples sit on the lawn to watch them. My family has gone to every one so far but last night was my first experience with it and it was wonderful! (We even got a pic with the lead singer, Jodi!)

The original plan was to go with my parents, Cole, Erin, and Christina but my dad got sick with something just as we were getting ready to go (poor guy!) so I took Erin and Chrissy. We set out our blankets on the lawn just a ways in front of the band (The Shaker's) and sat and laughed and listened. Cole met up with us a little bit after we got there and the four of us had such a good time! The band was really great and we even had a little picnic after walking over to Hermie's for some food. Yum!

The best part of the night had to have been watching these enthusiasts dance to the music right in front of the band. And when I say "dance to the music", I don't mean swaying back and forth or anything small like that. I mean arm swinging, head banging, and hopping from foot to foot. It was hilarious haha

We left a little before 9pm so Cole and Chrissy could go to a regional youth dance and so Erin and I could go pick up Koda to show to a family. We went to my house and picked up Koda then walked him up to my parents' house to play in the backyard while we waited for them to show up.

The family that came to look at him was actually a lady from my SpEd classes this last year named Mindy Lister and her son and two little daughters. They were looking at him specifically for her son, Josh, who is 16.

When I met Josh, he told me how his friend has a Boxer so he's been searching for a Boxer because he loves his friend's so much and that he used to have a dog as a kid but it had been hit by a car and he has wanted another ever since. As soon as he layed eyes on Koda, his whole face lit up and you could tell he was excited. His little sisters (probably around 7 and 5 yrs old) ran right over to Koda and started playing fetch with him and petting him. It was great!

I told them all the great things about Koda and Josh asked things like "Do you think he'd ride on a 4-wheeler with me?" or "Is he an outdoor and indoor dog so I could have him sleep with me at night?" I knew then that this was the family for Koda.

We've been hoping to have him go to a family that had kids he could play with and a place where he'd get the attention he needs. He is the best dog and he deserves to be treated wonderful and loved. So a short bit later Josh had paid me for Koda and we were loading his things up in my car to follow them to his new home.

Giving up Koda was the hardest thing! A lot harder than I thought it would be but I feel really good about where he's at and I know this is the best. Erin cried when the family bought him and my parents are really sad about it too. It's good to know that my family loved my dog like Dan and I did.

After the whole thing with Koda, I went out to see Dan. He'd been working all day yesterday on putting in sprinkler systems and landscaping for two yards for Inifinity Home Builders. And when I say "all day" I mean it! When I went over there it was 10pm! He hugged me and let me cry about Koda a little bit and then I watched him finish putting the final touches on the sprinkler system with Jeremy, Caleb, Brandon Terry, and Jared Rhoton. I can't believe they got two systems put in in one day! He is such a hard worker!

When we finally left around 11pm, we dropped off Caleb at his house and headed to Wendy's for a late dinner which we took home and ate in bed haha Then we watched Grey's Anatomy until both of us fell asleep. I'd say that after a long day, that's the best thing to do.

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dani bentley said...

this makes me sad for you :( I couldn't imagine giving my baby away to someone... that sucks