August 9, 2012

Mi Familia

Yesterday, a day I will refer to as "Sibling Day", was awesome. Seriously.

8am-noon I worked at the Centrum then Bec met up with me so we could grab some lunch at Wendy's before going to get my hair cut at Evan's (Thanks, Taniah! I love it!) and running tons of errands (including a trip to Wal-mart where we jumped into a wall of beanbags they had in the clearance area haha).

Around 4pm, Cole and Erin came over to Becca's new apartment and we played Uno, pigged out on junk, and watched 17 Again. It was the perfect afternoon with my sisters! (Too bad Steph couldn't make it...)

I got home around 7pm when Dan called and told me to pick up Caleb and Chrissy and meet him, Jeremy, Jack, and Kaela at IHOP. Jack sang the Spiderman song and did a really cute dance with his arms for us and we spent the rest of the night eating yummy food and laughing. It was the perfect evening with Dan's brothers and sisters! (Too bad Ryan and Cody weren't there...)

I love Sibling Day! haha

Oh, and along with me cutting my hair, it was just a day of hair changes at our house; Dan shaved his beard! And he's missing it dearly. Poor kid haha Personally, I think he looks cute with OR without the facial hair.


Alyssa Kaylee said...

That's so fun!! Also your hair is super cute. Also your blog. Also everything else. :D

The Jackson's said...

What a fun day!! I LOVE the new haircut!

Janalee said...

Super cute hair!!!