August 13, 2012


Cedar is honestly the perfect place for me to live. I love the weather. I love the small, yet not-too-small feel it has. I love that both our families live in the same town. AND I love all the craft fairs/festivals that Cedar has to offer. It is named The Festival City, after all...

This past weekend there was a small craft fair and my cousin, Melissa, was in town so Dan, Meliss, and I decided to hit it up. There were booths for art, jewelry, rock collecting, metal works, food, and clothing; pretty much anything you could think of. I am amazed at all the talent this city holds!

Every booth showcased handmade items and it was really fun to look at everything. Dan and I ended up purchasing a print of an oil painting of the St. George LDS Temple (where we were married) from a lady who lives by my parents (Rhonda Shearer) along with some rhubarb jam from a lady who makes jams in her home and Melissa bought some earrings that happened to match the necklace she was wearing that day exactly from a man who made all of the jewelry.

We grabbed snow cones from The Tiki Shack after the fair because it was scorching hot that day then I took Melissa to see The Dark Knight Rises (3rd time for me!). It was great to catch up with Melissa and awesome to have a day off to just do whatever.