August 29, 2012

Fastest Rundown On Life

Ok so, quick update.
I'm back in school.
I no longer work at the ticket office and, thus, no longer have a speedy computer that's perfect for blogging OR loads of time to blog.
It's the pits.
SO once I figure out my schedule and figure out my computer/blogging schedule from home, I'll start blogging (cause I love it!).
Until then, please know I am indeed alive and I'm busy living (aka having a dang good time).

This last weekend, Dan and I took our final summer vacation with our good friends, Bryan and Mickel. We stayed at my family cabin in Midway, shopped at the University Mall, ate yummy food, and attended a fun concert with my family. The concert was called Acappellastock and this was our second year going. My parents have gone every year for the last 7 years and have slowly been bringing more and more people to it! It was so fun and the music was amazing! I'll have to post videos one of these times.

Monday, I got to attend a surprise baby shower for my friend and co-worker, Laura Allred (She's having a boy!). It was a blast! Becca and her roomie, Ashli Adams, planned it all and invited everyone from work then told Laura she was invited for a girls night. Laura was so surprised and it was awesome. I love all my lady friends from work haha

After the shower, Dan and I went over to my in-law's house to celebrate Christina's birthday. We had ice cream cake (made by my mother-in-law, Dan, and Cody) and chatted! It was lots of fun.

First days of classes have gone great! BUT... I'm scared to teach! Shhhhh!


Nathan and Kristen said...

Wooohooo! An update! I've missed you my friend. Looks like you are enjoying life :) Cute pictures!

Kelcie Curlee said...

I'm scared to teach as well. So many kiddos depending on us! Eek!
And I've always wondered how you've always stayed up on your blog so well. Haha!