September 13, 2012

College Field Trip and a Surprise

Well, on Tuesday, after all my classes and working with the 5th grade for practicum, I headed up to the college cabin with Marissa and Jamie for our elementary education block field trip. We spent most of the night doing lessons on math, social studies, language arts, or science using the great outdoors (which included me writing a poem on Burrowing Owls, acting like a bird in a hurricane, etc. haha), then we ate dinner and had a discussion group on "land ethics" (kill me) followed by some guitar playing and singing.

When all that was over, it turned into a giant sleepover party. You see, we have 46 people in my class; 44 of those are girls, 2 are boys (1 married and 1 haha). Soooo it was a party. We jumped rope outside until 12:30am then played cards (Scum and B.S.) until 2am, complete with oreos, popcorn, and candy. There was lots of laughing and even some Spanish speaking (on Alejandra's part haha). We had a great time!

Wednesday, we all got up at 8am and drove up to Cedar Breaks to go on a hike and talk about geology. During the hike our professors were showing us the Bristle Cone Pine trees and how old they are and such. While they were doing that, I proceeded to show everyone the "exploding mushrooms" that Dan's grandma and grandpa Johnson had shown me the week before when we went camping up there with them in Sydney Valley over by Brian Head. By the end of the hike, hardly anyone was paying attention to anything on the hike except for looking for more mushrooms to step on (when you step on these mushrooms they explode some sort of smoke from their spores. It's pretty cool). The hike was muddy so I rode home from the hike with my feet out the window. It was great and Cedar Breaks was really pretty.

I wish it would have had a bit more educational value but overall the trip was fun and I got to know a lot of the girls in my class.

When I got home, Dan told me had a surprise for me... a new computer!! I told him that he's in big trouble if he buys tons of stuff like that whenever I'm gone haha BUT this time I'm happy. We needed a new computer AND I'm SO happy to be back to blogging! Thanks, honey! You're the best

So, I'm ba-aaaack!

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Kristen said...

Well it's about time! I was getting worried there for a bit. So glad to have you back!