July 25, 2012

We're gonna have a pool!

Well, we're moving in a month. We found a place in Three Fountains right by Cedar High School. I'm really excited! We'll be saving about $100 a month and we'll have a pool... ohhhh yessss! But we are having to give Koda away which is not so exciting. I will miss having a dog. Erin's really sad about it so we're taking him on a walk tonight because a girl is coming to look at buying him tomorrow... Ch-ch-ch-changes! haha But it should be good.

Yes, this is an illegally obtained photo taken with my camera phone of Bane during The Dark Knight Rises at Fids...

In other news, I did go to the screening of Batman with Becca and it was A-MAZE-ING (now to see it in the daytime with Dan when I won't fall asleep haha). Also, our house is beginning to feel like an episode of Hoarders what with my in-laws moving, our friend Tracy Rust moving, and us moving. We've collected so much stuff to sell at a yard sale this weekend (EVERYONE PLEASE COME haha). I can't wait until I can have my house back to normal... seriously.
In the mean time, I'm just working working and Dan is working working. Oh, life haha Don't ya just wish you could have all the money you ever needed and never have to work??

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Janalee said...

I lived there one summer and it was super fun! Hope you enjoy it!